Welcome to the HAMRecords blog. ┬áLet’s get one thing straight: HAMRecords is not a real record label, so please don’t send me your demo or ask me to download one. I made it up to amuse me and a small cadre of friends who get the joke. Nonetheless, HAMRecords is the vehicle I created to get great live performances by my versatile friends, The Dashboard Saviors, into more ears. These performances support my belief that The Saviors are a dish best served live.

First up is Too Soon?, a collection of Saviors songs from two memorable shows: Crocodile Cafe’ in Seattle 3-31-94 and 40 Watt Club in Athens 9-23-95. Available while supplies last is a limited edition CD with genuine sleeve text typos. Folks around the globe are scrambling to add this valuable example of historic pop culture to their collections of other flawed icons, like Inverted Jenny Postage Stamps and double strike Dimes. Get yours before they’re all gone.

If you’d like to purchase Too Soon?, e-mail We’ll send you a PayPal invoice and drop one in the mail.

The cover photo of Too Soon? was not staged. Nope. It was all too real. That is indeed the The Dashboard Saviors playing for a woman running an enormous vacuum cleaner that was almost as loud as the band. It was an actual rock ‘n’ roll show performed at Eastern New Mexico State University. The audience (gone from the scene at this point) was mostly a line of confused students waiting for the cafeteria doors to open for lunch. When lunch was over and the herd of students shuffled off, this woman came out and vacuumed. We all have a job to do, and everyone in this picture is doing theirs. Good luck with yours.

Saviors TooSoon Front Cover

Saviors TooSoon BackCover

Saviors TooSoon RightPanel Crocodile

Saviors TooSoon LeftPanel 40Watt

Pic Saviors TooSoon CD PicPlain